Getting Dark Matter to Trend

17 07 2015

The fans from Fringe ( perfected the best protocol for getting something to trend. Because the single word “Fringe” never trended (well it finally did at the finale), they got with Fox Broadcasting and instead of using Fringe they used the title of the episode. They trended EVERY SINGLE WEEK using this.  It took a labor intensive coordinated effort to get people on board.

Since Dark Matter has no named episodes, #DarkMatter would work just fine (if it doesn’t, then #DarkMatterTV might be something to try in the future). I am going to post what the rules were for Fringe and I’ll put my comments in bold about Dark Matter).

I tried very hard to get the fans of Enlisted on Fox Broadcasting to follow the protocol and it never worked (and it, like Fringe, had a name of the show as a common word that would never likely trend) but it was next to impossible. The fans think that more hashtags make things better, but it does not. Fringe had a very organized process and anyone they saw tweeting more than one hashtag, they kindly asked the person to just use one. If they saw someone not using a hashtag, they politely reminded them to use the hashtag.

This was an example of the Fringe approach (my comments about Dark Matter are in bold and italics below the Fringe approach):

1) Don’t use #LoveIsTheAnswer before the designated time: 1 HOUR before Fringe airs.

(In this case, don’t use #DarkMatter until 1 hour before airtime; you can use DarkMatter without the hashtag, but don’t start using the hashtag until 1 hour before airtime).

2) One # term per Tweet. (Only one hashtag because Twitter doesn’t count tweets towards trending with multiple hashtags.

If everyone needs to use #DarkMatter there should be a coordinated effort that everyone just use that and not something else. So if someone tweets #FourClan #DarkMatter it won’t count towards trending at all.

3) Lots of people tweeting matters more than the number of tweets.

(Rules apply to Dark Matter as well)

4) Those with lots of followers help out a lot!

(Rules apply to Dark Matter as well)

5) We want to pique the interest of non-Fringe fans. (In our case non-Dark Matter fans).

(This was more because they were using the episode titles. If we could get Syfy to pick a hashtag other than #DarkMatter to describe the episode that people would say, “Hey what’s this” that would be great. But the key is a fully coordinated effort).

6) We can discuss aspects of the show in our tweets -TRY to include the word FRINGE (with no #) in your tweet if possible.

(For Dark Matter, if you wanted for example to trend #WeAreDangerous then only use that as a hashtag and type darkmatter in or Dark Matter as two words without a hashtag– another example:  You always need to worry about the silent deadly types, especially with FOUR #DarkMatter   If you wanted #FOUR to be the trending hashtag, then that sentence would look like   You always need to worry about the silent deadly types especially with #FOUR  DarkMatter  )  See the difference?

7) Private accounts must have their locked status removed, as the tweets from these accounts do not count toward the trend tally.

(Rule applies for any trending event)

8) Retweets are the easiest way to help out the trending effort. Just search for the hashtag, and retweet the ones that are interesting to you (and ones with just one hashtag). If you know how to use a Twitter application suite like TweetDeck or HootSuite, this is made even easier.

(Don’t retweet multiple hashtags (or before retweeting correct them by removing all hashtags except #DarkMatter)

9) Thank the sponsors.

(This is true for ANY show.  Sponsors do pay attention to this. Often with DVR viewing, commercials are skipped. When people go out of their way to thank the sponsors means a great deal to them. For example: @subway Thank you for sponsoring #DarkMatter. It s a fabulous show. I think a sandwich would go well with it! 


Let’s help Dark Matter trend every week. Fringe got 5 years even though the network wanted to pull the plug on the show much sooner. It was because of the coordinated efforts of these dedicated, knowledgeable fans that made the difference.

Comicpalooza Houston 2012 — Battlestar Galactica Panel Part 3 of 3

3 06 2012

Richard Hatch and Anne Lockhart answer questions.

Comicpalooza Houston 2012 — The Battlestar Galactica Panel Part 2 of 3

2 06 2012

Richard Hatch and Anne Lockhart. One thing that I hope Comicpalooza will learn from this event is that perhaps getting individual rooms for these panels is a better way to go. They are only 4 years into the event, so I’m sure things will keep improving. The Star Wars panel was being very loud. It is tough to hear at the beginning of this segment, but it gets a little better.

Comicpalooza Houston 2012 — The Battlestar Galactica Panel

2 06 2012

With Richard Hatch and Anne Lockhart Part 1

Celebrity Corner: Comicpalooza Houston 2012 Babylon 5 Panel

29 05 2012

Enjoy! Claudia Christian and Julie Caitlin Brown. Claudia has a book coming out November 6, 2012 that you can preorder now and get excerpts of the book via email. Go to for details.


Princess and the Pea

11 12 2010

“Kidney stones themselves don’t hurt.” I had to suppress my laughter. My urologist truly does not appreciate what life is like as Princess and the Pea. Welcome to MY kingdom. Expect the unexpected.

In this kingdom, I once slit my finger open on some glass of a picture frame and some of the glass got into it. The ER physician said, “There, got it.” I said, “No, there’s more.” The blood pressure reading would suggest that I was correct. I asked him to please keep digging; I didn’t mind waiting as others triaged in, but this really, really hurt. He dug and poked and scraped a good 45 minutes until he found that very microscopic piece. He said, “Got it?” I said, “Yes, thank you.” The pain vanished, the wound was stitched and I went along my way to continue to rule over my lands.

I have weird autoimmune stuff and fibromyalgia developed after a bad car accident. I tend to be chronically, systemically inflamed. Things have improved greatly since 2005 when things came crashing to a head, landing me in the hospital for 5 days. Lifestyle changes were made. I have explored alternative medicine practices that some would consider on the fringe. Some have worked; the others have been expelled from the kingdom.

I’m pretty sure the kidney stones developed as a side effect of a medication I was taking for another problem; we did a scan before I was placed on the medication and I was free of stones.

It all started on 9/17 when a piece of a larger kidney stone (the mother pod) came off and decided to pull a Free Willy. That landed me in the ER and 3 days later in the urologist’s office where I demanded something be done immediately because I needed my life returned to my version of normal. I am ruler of the kingdom! Attend to me! I actually passed this stone in his office (exit, stage right).

Apparently I had two stones. The one in the lower pole of my left kidney measured 7 mm x 9 mm; the right one was in the upper pole, a mere seedling at 3 mm. At this point, I could not feel the right one at all. Surgery was scheduled for 10/1. The plan was to insert a scope, pull out what we thought was a stone obstructing (but it turned out to be something else; the stone the ER told me about had already passed), go up into the kidney and zap it with laser. Afterwards a stent would be placed with the idea of keeping the ureter open so the stone material could pass. Going into the surgery, I had images in my head of the pig lizard on GalaxyQuest. I wondered if the laser would be similar to the mining laser used to free Liara in Mass Effect. The stent will be forever renamed the coils from hell. They are banished from the kingdom.

Confidence was high that the stone was “shattered.” On followup, it appeared it was still 6 mm. I had to wait the appropriate amount of time to allow my body to pass what it was going to pass. My chronic inflammatory response kicked in. I have affectionately called the area under the left breast to my waist from the middle of my stomach around to the spine the “stone zone.” It can no longer be touched without pain. I’ve begun to get a right-sided stone zone as well. I wonder if this is a boxer feels after kidney punches? If so, why do people box?

During this time, my army (my antibodies) thought there was still a foreign invader in the land and I developed an infection. Say what you will about the horrors of kidney stones: I’ve gone down one full dress size. No pain, no gain.

With the infection cleared, I was now free to embark on another vacation destination of my choice. How about ESWL (extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy)? I’ve heard the place is seismic. Despite the effort and passage of some debris, the radiologist declared the left kidney stone to be still 6 mm. When it comes to patience with my son with autism, I have an abundance. With all other things in my life, not so much.

I’m now scheduled for the 3rd surgery on the left one, the 1st surgery on the right one coming up on December 21st.

I was confused about the use of the word “shattered.” The visual picture that comes to my mind is the Death Star in Star Wars. Apparently not. It is more like Patrick removing his wrapping paper from his presents (see An Autism Christmas).

This kidney stone is taking on the characteristics of its host (me): Obstinate, determined, likes to dwell in deep, dark places, loves the water (it must be a Pisces), sedentary. It must also like video games because the left side plays Pong with my kidney every day. This could be a new Syfy horror flick with a Saw-like twist in which it drives the host completely insane to the point that the host wants to open their own kidney just to remove it. Then, the stone is absorbed by whoever discovers the dead body, torturing its next victim. Where is Neo (from the Matrix) when you need him?

All my alternative medicine approaches to this pain have failed me. In the entire 11 years I have had fibromyalgia, there was only one time when I wanted to cut my legs off and the shower made me wince in pain. There was only one time when the doctor had to put me on 2 weeks of around-the-clock pain medication to break the pain cycle and that actually worked. When I delivered Patrick, from the time my contractions were about 8 minutes apart until the time I delivered him was a full 29 hours without drugs. Even after my car accident when I was in physical therapy for 4 months, daily for 6 weeks, I dealt pretty well with the pain. Here are some things that we have tried:

BodyTalk: Combines the wisdom of advanced yoga and advaitic philosophy, the insights of modern physics and mathematics, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, the clinical findings of applied kinesiology and western medical expertise. I’ve asked the kidney stone for its agenda. I’ve asked the kidney stone what it needs to expel peacefully from my body. Apparently I keep getting the answering machine.

Visualization: I’ve tried different images: The Death Star from Star Wars; shooting the Reaper-Human hybrid final boss in the XBox game Mass Effect 2 on insanity level. I’ve tried to think peaceful thoughts, but all I get is “get the hell out of me” pictures. I’ll have to work on some peaceful thoughts. I thought about the birthing process, but no, that would not work. After I had Patrick, I told Jeff he would have to have more babies with another woman because I was not going through THAT again.

Changing the pH: Lemonade (without sugar). Has not worked to make the stone any smaller yet.

Postural change: Drinking water about 30 minutes prior and then laying with my head/neck on a bed, my body on pillows so that my head/neck are lower than the rest of my body. Repeated several times a day. Perhaps I need to go bungee-jumping. One of my friends said their friend passed a stone after going on a rollercoaster. The doctor recommended jumping jacks, but I’ll have to get a better sports bra.

Craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, myofascial release, energy work, Psych-K–the list goes on.

So I turn to you, my readers, my knights in shining armor: Do you have any other ideas the Princess could try to get some relief? I’m ready to abdicate the throne here.