Comicpalooza Houston 2012 — Battlestar Galactica Panel Part 3 of 3

3 06 2012

Richard Hatch and Anne Lockhart answer questions.

Comicpalooza Houston 2012 — The Battlestar Galactica Panel Part 2 of 3

2 06 2012

Richard Hatch and Anne Lockhart. One thing that I hope Comicpalooza will learn from this event is that perhaps getting individual rooms for these panels is a better way to go. They are only 4 years into the event, so I’m sure things will keep improving. The Star Wars panel was being very loud. It is tough to hear at the beginning of this segment, but it gets a little better.

Comicpalooza Houston 2012 — The Battlestar Galactica Panel

2 06 2012

With Richard Hatch and Anne Lockhart Part 1

Women of Sci-Fi Pictures

3 02 2011

I’m still working on my experience at my first-ever convention, but in the meantime, enjoy these pictures:


A Cylon from the original BSG


Cylon and a fan

Original BSG Cylon and a fan.


Great fans

Great fans in character



Who'ya gonna call? The guy on the left looks like my previous church pastor



Twitter buddy Scoobykoo flew in from Vancouver for the occasion.



Love his T-Shirt.




More Morena Baccarin



Even more Morena



The awesome Nichelle Nichols. By far, her Q&A was the best.



Tricia Helfer & Katee Sackhoff. Their Q&A was the most hilarious.



Later on, we met up with Twitter buddy @TiffanieJane at the hotel



Alaina Huffman of Smallville & Stargate Universe. This Q&A was more personal to me because of my SGU love.



What'cha bring me, mom? Krispy Kremes? I remember these from last year.