Blessed warrior mom of a child with autism and other disabilities.  Life is to be lived loudly, proudly and in the moment.  Advocate of social justice issues.  Fox VIP.  I used to blog on Fox 26 Houston’s website (until it was taken down), did 2 commercials for Fox 26, they featured a story on my son, and then I got invited to be part of their “Your Family Matters” panel of women who appeared live on the 5:00-5:30 news from Aug 2008-Nov 2008, an amazing opportunity.  I’m not afraid of controversy and love comments, so please do not be shy.  Golden retriever lover.  Science fiction enthusiast.  Music rocks my soul.  Social media addict.  I search endlessly for the perfect cup of hot cocoa.  All typical stereotypes of a Pisces describe me perfectly.  My humor tends to be on the dark side. Previously published in 3 international collections of poetry, and  I am currently in the process of writing 2 books.  I’m a quadruple threat:  Writer, singer/songwriter, medical transcriptionist and gamer girl.

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25 05 2011

I loved your review of Takedown. I am a Stargate fan and a Lou Diamond fan who found your link via Twitter. I will definitely check back for more. Good luck with the books too.


11 09 2012
jimmy mason.........pmhs 1980

read about al, was a good friend!


29 11 2013


Have you read The Reason I Jump yet (the insights of a Japanese boy with autism)? I just picked it up and it’s amazing!



29 11 2013

@Das Jeff bought it on our Kindle but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I saw the man who did the translation to English I believe on Jon Stewart and it sounded like a fascinating book. I always love insights into what may possibly be going on in Patrick’s head yet he cannot express.


29 11 2013

I encourage you to read it. It is insightful, but also quite beautiful in the way he sees things. And for me, a bit scary. I have only read a few bits, but I relate to so much of it myself – my oneness with nature, my inclination to wear the same thing every day, and my tendency to watch the same thing over and over (like a tv show or type of tv show) all now make total sense to me. Though I don’t consider myself autistic this book has helped me to understand some of the things I’ve considered to be my personal eccentricities, and in doing so it has actually made me feel quite normal. I can’t wait to read the entire thing!


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