Why Boosters Matter

22 12 2021

Why is the COVID-19 booster SO important?

I’ve been participating in a study with University of Texas who are studying antibodies. When I got the results to my first blood draw my antibody level was 512. Low end of the range is 0.8 and the high end of the range is 2500. If one was looking to have an antibody level at its best, you need to be closer to 2500.

Once I got this level back I went and got my booster on Sep 23.

I just had my blood drawn last week for blood draw #2 (week of Dec 12-18). They are following me over a 6– to 8-month period of time. I’ll be getting another one in a few months from now. My antibody level came back as OVER 2500. Not too bad after almost 3 months since my booster. I feel really confident now going out continuing—as I always have—wearing my mask in public and washing my hands for at least 20 seconds (which I hardly see anyone in a public restroom doing anymore). Of course, everyone will have a different result but for someone who takes immunosuppressants for lupus this is so wonderful for me.




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