Comicpalooza Houston 2012 — Battlestar Galactica Panel Part 3 of 3

3 06 2012

Richard Hatch and Anne Lockhart answer questions.

Comicpalooza Houston 2012 — The Battlestar Galactica Panel Part 2 of 3

2 06 2012

Richard Hatch and Anne Lockhart. One thing that I hope Comicpalooza will learn from this event is that perhaps getting individual rooms for these panels is a better way to go. They are only 4 years into the event, so I’m sure things will keep improving. The Star Wars panel was being very loud. It is tough to hear at the beginning of this segment, but it gets a little better.

Comicpalooza Houston 2012 — The Battlestar Galactica Panel

2 06 2012

With Richard Hatch and Anne Lockhart Part 1

Celebrity Corner: Comicpalooza Houston 2012 Babylon 5 Panel

29 05 2012

Enjoy! Claudia Christian and Julie Caitlin Brown. Claudia has a book coming out November 6, 2012 that you can preorder now and get excerpts of the book via email. Go to for details.


Comicpalooza Houston 2012 — Stargate Panel Part 2

28 05 2012

This is the last 14 minutes of the panel. Enjoy!  Transcript is going to be forthcoming of the entire 45-50 minute panel. 

Comicpalooza Houston 2012: Stargate Panel Part 1

28 05 2012

I am not a professional videographer, and do not own high-tech equipment. However, I hope you enjoy this. I was not able to videotape the entire panel, but I do have a transcript of the entire panel forthcoming. That takes a little more time, so please enjoy what I can share with you!  I also apologize for the laughing.  It is hard to not laugh.  And about the camera movement.  I kept freaking out that the camera battery was about to go out and the only way to recharge it is in a computer with a USB port, which I did not have.   I kept pulling it up to make sure it was recording. It did die abruptly.  Lesson for next time:  Bring the table-top tripod.