So You Think You Can Dance S10 Top 20 Revealed

23 06 2013

I could not believe it when I came home on Tuesday, June 11, and found my DVR did not record So You Think You Can Dance because of a glitch. I missed Vegas Hell Week. I tried to find it elsewhere but apparently my satellite company does not interact with Fox on-line for on-demand programming (although I can see it 30 days after the air date–what good is that going to do me. I also was not going to pay Hulu Plus for the chance to see it. I did watch the first 40 minutes live before I had to leave, but I took no notes. I do remember someone liking my #TruthInFikshun hash tag on Twitter, which I promptly claimed ownership and bragging rights.

This week’s episode announced the Top 20 and allowed us the opportunity to see them dance for the first time. Thirty-three contestants awaited their fate.

Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegall and Mariah Spears made it through to the top 20. However, Emilio “Millie” Dosal, Phillip Cheeeb’s friend, made it, but had an injury and had to withdraw. Markus Shields who auditioned in season 4 and got to the green mile only to receive a “no”, received a “no” for a second time.


Du-Shant “Fik-Shun” Stegall


Mariah Spears


Dance: Hip-hop
Choreographer: Luther Brown
Song: “Ball” by T.I. featuring Lil Wayne

It was wonderful seeing a female hip-hop dancer this year. There was nice chemistry and synchronicity to their movements. Mariah was the stronger dancer her. As Cat was making introductions you could see Fik-Shun was a little sad that he didn’t get lavish praise from the judges. He seemed to take it in and sighed. It’s okay Fik-Shun–next week raise your game.


Mariah & Fik-Shun

Makenzie Dustman (The contestant I thought rolled too much on the floor for her audition) is a yes. Jasmine Harper, Cyrus ex-girlfriend), gets a yes. A surprise yes was given to both Tucker Knox and Nico Greetham who went into the judges together. Ryan Johnson, who auditioned in Memphis, received a no for this season. There were several other contestants I did not recognize (whose names were not said) that also were turned down for this season.


Makenzie Dustman


Jasmine Harper


Tucker Knox


Nico Greetham


Dance: Contemporary
Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
Song: “Goes On and On” by Sleeping At Last

This was a very strong performance by all 4 and I got them–yes GOOSEBUMPS! The judges felt the magic too and gave them a standing ovation.


Makenzie, Tucker, Nico and Jasmine

Tappers Alexis Juliano and Curtis Holland both received a yes. Aaron Turner was an initially a “no” but when Emilio withdrew from the competition, Aaron was guy #11 so he was back in.


Alexis Juliano


Curtis Holland


Aaron Turner

Dance: Tap
Choreographer: Anthony Morigerato
Song: “You Really Did It” (Live) by Jason Mraz

That was so enjoyable. Curtis had some balance issues at the end there, but the judges were also gave them a standing ovation.


Aaron, Alexis and Curtis

Animators Jade Zuberi and Dragon House’s Dorian “BluPrint” Hector were both in the top 20.


Jade Zuberi


Dorian “BluPrint” Hector

Dance: Animation
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Song: “Trigger” (Original Mix) by Kezwik featuring Mel Presson

That ROCKED! There were a few spots that should have been synchronized but were a bit off but it’s only week one. The mannequins moving freaked me out. The judges once again were on their feet.


Jade and BluPrint

While David Lorenzo was sent home, Carlos Garland, Hayley Erbert and Malece Miller were moving to the top 20.


Carlos Garland


Hayley Erbert


Malece Miller

Dance: Contemporary
Choreographer:  Mia Michaels
Song: “Stay” by Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko

I thought Carlos had some great partnering skills, catching Malece especially when she fell backwards. After being dropped on her head in Vegas, I bet she was scared. I LOVE Mia Michaels. Goosebumps again.


Malece, Hayley and Carlos

Brittany Cherry, Jenna Johnson and Paul Karmiryan were moved into the top 20, but Serge (?) from the Los Angeles auditions was a no. Two brothers, Alan and Gene Bersten, were pitted against each other and Alan was moving forward.


Brittany Cherry


Jenna Johnson


Paul Karmiryan


Alan Bersten


Dance: Ballroom
Choreographer: Louis Van Amstel
Song: “Wings” by Little Mix

They had two challenges–Dancing with their partners and trying to synchronize with each other. The first was fine, the latter needs work. I think Jenna was the better girl.


Paul, Jenna, Alan and Brittany

There were many “no” responses for the next group of individuals including Marissa Milele, Tessa, and Gabby Marquez. Amy Yakima from the Detroit auditions received a yes. They brought back Megan and Jasmine. This year, Jasmine Mason made it through.


Amy Yakima (was called The Beast by Nigel; she does look a little like Melanie Moore’s cousin, doesn’t she?


Jasmine Mason, not she is not related to Jeanine Mason

Dance: Jazz
Choreographer:  Sonya Tayeh
Song: “Enjoy” by Bjork

Loved it and Goosebumps. The judges also loved it.


Amy and Jasmine M.


Top 10 guys dance
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Song: “Sand” by Nathan Lanier featuring Karen Whipple

Like a sandstorm happening. It is difficult to watch all 10 and say who stood out. I adored it. When Christopher Scott first joined the show, I did not quite understand his perspective. Either he has gotten better or I finally GOT it.


Top 10 girls dance
Choreographer: Ray Lepper
Song: “Let’s Have a Kiki (Guwremix) by Fanny Pak and District 78

I adore Ray for getting sweaty during rehearsals with his group. It was a fun routine.


Top 20
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Song: “Ghost of the Sky” (Epic Dub) by Steed Lord

Wow! How talented is Sonya that she created such a vehicle for such a diverse group of dancers to show off their strengths! I love warrior mama.

I am looking forward to seeing them perform next week for voting.


SYTYCD Season 10 Top 20 — Good luck everyone!

So You Think You Can Dance S10 Los Angeles Auditions

15 05 2013

So You Think You Can Dance — Season 10 — Los Angeles Auditions

Tonight’s judges are our resident judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy with guest judge, Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Contestant: Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegall, Las Vegas Nevada, a street performer, age 18

He was so much fun. I loved the booty popping. He had a bright smile and a great attitude. What fabulous body control he had when he went down into that semi-backbend swirl-like move towards the end. The judges gave him a standing ovation. Straight to Vegas.

Contestant: Malece Miller, age 19, Salt Lake City, Utah, contemporary dancer

I like this girl. She is beautiful, radiates light, and has an awesome sense of humor. Her story growing up is one we have heard many times on this show. That backspring into a sit position took my breath away for a moment. And I am a big fan of her haircut. Straight through to Vegas.

Contestant: Paul Karmiryan from Glendale, CA, age 21, Latin ballroom. Won SYTYCD in Armenia. Hmmm. If you win in one country, should you be allowed to enter in another? I say no.

It was okay. It was crisp and sharp. He had nice foot work. If he had tried out for the first time without having won on another version of the show I would say okay. I have mixed feelings. Mary loved it. He is through to Vegas.

Contestant: Elijah Laurant, age 20, Los Angeles, CA

I was upset that they kept cutting away to the judges’ faces. Just as I was being drawn in by the craftsmanship of this extraordinary dancer, it would cut away. DRAT. Absolutely going to Vegas.

Contestant: Taylor Ward, Claremont, CA, age 20.

Oh my God. My heart just broke for her. She had given up her academic scholarships and sports scholarships to dance with the blessing of her grandfather who raised her, but passed away before he could see her try out. She was rehearsing during a break called by the judges and crack went the knee, a dislocation. And yet she still tried out. She has beautiful lines despite her injury and a beautiful heart. Yes to choreography and from there she was on to Vegas.

Contestant: Morris Isby, B-boy, age 28, Sacramento, CA

Impressive resume. I am reminded of Legacy a little bit. The kneel-crawl move was something I have not seen before. Yes to choreography, but he was close to getting a ticket to Vegas but still has some work to do.

Contestant: Armen “Armen Way” Avetisov, age 27, Glendale, CA

A Russian rapper who likes to make cheesy videos with women in bikinis washing cars. I don’t think I like this person. When he danced, it was truly all about him even though he was partnering with a beautiful woman. Self -worship I would call it. Sloppy foot work. I liked the woman dancing better but she was not a signed-up contestant. Mary loved him, however. Gave him an automatic ticket to Vegas.

Gr818Ers: The father was known as Papa Wiz a famous b-boy in the 1990’s. They stopped doing much of anything because he died unexpectedly when they were young boys. They founded the group to bring positivity back to the community. Trying out we’re Eric and Lorenzo Chapman, age 21 and 22 respectively, from Pacoima, CA. I thought it was wonderful. What tremendous role models they are. Nigel offered them help from Dizzyfeet Foundation.

The choreography round was with Marko and Sasha. It was so great to see them back again.

Tomorrow night: Detroit with guest judge Stephen tWitch Boss!

Update:  Day 2 of the LA auditions seen on Tuesday, May 21.

Brooklyn “Flex Dancer” (bone breaking, hat tricks and glides, animation) Nicholas “Slick” Stewart

This guy is not double-jointed–he’s multijointed.  I think he might be the modern-day reference of the song, “Rubberband Man.”  He is entertaining, but I would want him back for choreography to see if he could at least try to partner with another person.  Maybe Ringling Brothers is hiring.  The judges agree to send him to choreography.  But Slick was headed home.

Alex Kessinger, age 18, Riverside, CA.

Nigel is drooling over her.  I think there is too much rolling on the ground.  VEGAS

Sebastian Serra from Puerto Rico. It was good, not great.  He is going to Vegas.

Latin dancers Mariia Lebedeva and Misha Smagin are some of the few Latin dancers in the crowd and a heck of a lot better than Armen.  Mary does the WOOOOOO!

Emilio “Millie” Dosal. He is Phillip Cheeb’s friend.  Yes to choreography. He is going to Vegas.

Makenzie Dustman

It was a typical routine I thought.  There were lots of floor rolling.  I never connected to her emotionally.  She is going to Vegas