Glee: Farewell to Cory

9 10 2013

I cry every time I watch the promotional clip of the Glee episode that will pay tribute to Cory Monteith on Thursday, October 10, 2013. Cory, who played Finn on the show, died of an accident overdose on July 13, 2013. The final coroner’s report was released last week.

To tell you the truth, it isn’t a particularly good week. It is the anniversary week of several people who have died. This morning I was informed of a dear person’s passing. I cried all day today.

Part of me does not want to watch this episode. I happened to catch the pilot episode of Glee playing on a local station right at the point when Finn starts singing “Don’t Stop Believing.” Quickly, I turned it off. I did not think I could watch the first two episodes of this season, but I took a deep breath, hit play, and I was okay with it. I knew on some level that the show–the actors, the production staff and others–found a way to muster the strength to bring us a story without falling apart.

From reading sources on the internet, it appears that they are not going to say why Finn died, just that he had. They did not want to exploit the situation. I respect that decision. It could have been a vehicle, however, to show that good people wrestle with demons, or maybe that Finn dies of alcohol poisoning, something that is becoming a problem on college campuses across the country. One of the last scenes we see are him and Puck partying at college.

I will bring my tissues and show my support to the show. They had to share some of their grief to us publicly. That takes courage. We all need to find some.


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Glee “The Break Up”

4 10 2012

The question is who is breaking up? Last week on GLEE, Finn (Cory Monteith) returns to Rachel (Lea Michele) & Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) apartment only to find Rachel in a very compromising position with Brody (Dean Geyer). Where has Finn been? In the army for exactly 6 days where he was “semi-honorably discharged” and then went backpacking through Georgia (you know, Lima’s version of Europe I suppose). Blaine (Darren Criss) hops a plane to see Kurt (which every senior in high school can afford to do). Santana (Naya Rivera) returns to visit Brittany (Heather Morris). 

In true GLEE fashion, it is utterly ridiculous one moment (“Twitter is a sign of the impending apocalypse”) and utterly sentimental the next. Get out your box of tissues because you will need them tonight.

The transition between high school and college is rough (or high school and whatever). I had a friend who was in college in Florida who came to visit me in Houston. I already had a very good job, had my own apartment, etc. I did not have any vacation days to take so I warned him that if he came to visit during what was his spring break that I had to continue working. Things were not the same. All he wanted to do was go out and party every night. I had to get up to go to work at 5 a.m. He only lasted several days with me despite us going out every night. He called his friend and said he was not having any fun and was going to leave so he could have fun with what was left of his spring break. I took him to the airport and said goodbye. We have never spoken since that day. Some relationships crumble under transition. Yet, there are some that I can return to and it is as if I never left, that I am that 15-year-old girl again. True treasures that you never really appreciate until you get older.

Tune in to GLEE airing tonight, Thursday, Oct. 4 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX to see the hook-ups, the break-ups and the make-ups. Thank you to OFFICIALFOXVIP for allowing me the opportunity to see the screener.