Glee: Farewell to Cory

9 10 2013

I cry every time I watch the promotional clip of the Glee episode that will pay tribute to Cory Monteith on Thursday, October 10, 2013. Cory, who played Finn on the show, died of an accident overdose on July 13, 2013. The final coroner’s report was released last week.

To tell you the truth, it isn’t a particularly good week. It is the anniversary week of several people who have died. This morning I was informed of a dear person’s passing. I cried all day today.

Part of me does not want to watch this episode. I happened to catch the pilot episode of Glee playing on a local station right at the point when Finn starts singing “Don’t Stop Believing.” Quickly, I turned it off. I did not think I could watch the first two episodes of this season, but I took a deep breath, hit play, and I was okay with it. I knew on some level that the show–the actors, the production staff and others–found a way to muster the strength to bring us a story without falling apart.

From reading sources on the internet, it appears that they are not going to say why Finn died, just that he had. They did not want to exploit the situation. I respect that decision. It could have been a vehicle, however, to show that good people wrestle with demons, or maybe that Finn dies of alcohol poisoning, something that is becoming a problem on college campuses across the country. One of the last scenes we see are him and Puck partying at college.

I will bring my tissues and show my support to the show. They had to share some of their grief to us publicly. That takes courage. We all need to find some.


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11 10 2013

Now that I’ve seen it, I think it was beautifully and perfectly done. I did not even think about it focusing on a memorial service long after the funeral had passed. That would make sense that the nature of the death would not be discussed. It was intermixed with some humor as well which helped to break up the intense feelings.


13 10 2013

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