Enlisted: Preview of “Homecoming”

30 01 2014

EnlistedLogoIt’s Army vs. Marines in a game of flag football. The bet: Cheesecake! There are no losers when cheesecake is involved (except perhaps your health). In a parallel story, Derrick makes a promise to a woman he would like to impress. Like all things in this show, it takes a team effort to try to pull it off. The episode has all the things I love about this show: Intelligent comedy, memorable lines, team work and brotherly love. And there is an ending that will “play your heartstrings like Yo Yo Ma.”

This episode guest stars Geoff Pierson and Brandon Routh and Pam Oliver. Don’t forget “Enlisted” has changed times to Friday at 9 Eastern/8 Central. Tune in!

(My thanks to Fox Broadcasting and the Fox VIP program for the privilege of viewing the screener.) 



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