Top Ten Reasons to Keep Watching “Enlisted” on Fox

16 01 2014

1. They promised it would “get better.” Having seen the next 3 episodes, I can guarantee that.  EnlistedLogo

2. Women will like this comedy. It has a strong female leader with Sgt. Jill Perez. She can keep up keep up with supersoldier Sgt. Pete Hill (see Friday’s episode “Randy Get Your Gun” for an example).

3. How many shows can you let your kids watch with you anymore? The show has great lessons families can talk about.

4. Double entendre. There are so many lines that work for a child’s level but also have an entirely different meaning for adults (see Friday’s episode “Randy Get Your Gun” for an example). Just like Shrek.

5. “Prank War” will give you all deliciously wonderful ideas on how to prank your co-workers (or your family).

6. Brothers! Brothers by family or brothers-in-arms. There is a co-plot in “Randy Get Your Gun” with Randy and Derrick that melts your heart.

7. It’s funny! So many people are getting bogged down in “this is NOT the Army” stuff. CHILL-OUT! They are working hard to get better with the rules and regulations while keeping it light and funny. Instead of just criticizing make suggestions on how to make it better. Obviously they have an open mind.

8. It’s smart! It is not easy to write and then deliver lengthy lines of spot-on comedy.

9. It’s sexy! There is a scene in “Pete’s Airstream” that rivals Jamie Bamber’s infamous equivalent scene in Battlestar Galactica. And since I can’t post the picture from the “Enlisted” episode, let me give you the visual of that scene.


10. Because it deserves a chance. There is so much crap on television. When a funny show comes on, one that you can watch with your family. Fortunately on Fox, they take all forms of viewing into consideration when deciding on whether to renew or cancel a show. Watch it live. Watch it on DVR. Watch it on Hulu or JUST WATCH IT!

And if you needed a number 11, don’t forget Enlisted is running a campaign to help Operation Gratitude. Show them your best salute and they will donate $1 to help support our troops. Details can be found here:




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