First Look: “Enlisted”

18 07 2013

This show will be on the fast track for renewal for season 2. I laughed as hard and as often in “ENLISTED” as I do for “New Girl” or “The Mindy Project.”

After an incident in Afghanistan, Sergeant Pete Hill (Geoff Stults) is reassigned to Rear Detachment Unit at Fort McGee (fictional name) in Florida where his brothers, Derrick (Chris Lowell) and Randy (Parker Young), are. Upon his return, Sgt. Major Donald Cody (Keith David) gives his unit a mission. Pete wants to be anywhere but here. He feels this is beneath his supersoldier status.

The feel of the show is reminiscent of the beloved classic “Stripes” but with faster line delivery with snappier comments like: “I’m going to watch ‘The Hurt Locker’ to cheer myself up.” Baron Vaughn (who I adore from Fairly Legal) plays the civilian contractor “Wallace” who is the thorn in the unit’s side. He has set up War Games with an Italian troop he is certain will win. Leading another unit at Fort McGee is the lovely Angelique Cabral who plays Sergeant Jill Perez. There is chemistry between Jill and Pete.

Through the eyes of his fellow soldiers, he remembers what is important. Not only are his brothers family, but his unit also become family and family sticks together through the good, the bad and the ugly. Pete learns that there are no small jobs in the Army and fulfilling his original mission is more important than the game.

If people don’t get hung up on whether or not things are Army regulation or not (for example the nail polish one unit member is wearing that does not fit the code), or whether certain behaviors would be tolerated in a real Army unit, they will definitely enjoy this show. Put this show on your “must-watch” list for the fall.  Thanks again to Fox VIP and Fox Broadcasting for the privilege of seeing the pilot.

“ENLISTED” premieres on Fox Broadcasting on Friday, November 8, 2013 at 9:30 Eastern/8:30 Central time.



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22 07 2013

Hi Hilda 🙂

I just realized I wasn’t following your blog for some strange reason – but I am now. 🙂

Enlisted does look funny. (I used to love JAG!)

Critical people will always find something to complain about, but hopefully the majority of viewers will just enjoy the show for what it is, and remember that it’s entertainment.


23 07 2013

I agree with you. People like to find fault in anything. I am appreciative that I am able my open opinion about something. If I don’t like this or that, I am 100% free not to gush about something just to make a network happy. I am privately sharing things with them that I think are going wrong with this or that show and sometimes I hope they listen. Thanks for subscribing to the blog. I hope I’ll be able to keep up with everyone’s.


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