Junior Masterchefs On Its Way

13 05 2013

I hope Joe doesn’t stare them down until he makes them cry (just joking). Junior Masterchef is a working title right now.JrMasterChef

Slated for fall is the following new unscripted series:

JUNIOR MASTERCHEF (working title)

Move over grown-ups…the kids are taking over the kitchen! JUNIOR MASTERCHEF (working title) is a new culinary competition series for talented kids between the ages of eight and 13 who love to cook. Based on the hugely successful U.K. and Australian format, the series extends the MASTERCHEF brand in the U.S. to include a younger group of aspiring masterchefs. JUNIOR MASTERCHEF (wt) will give budding cooks the exciting opportunity to showcase their talent, culinary smarts and passion for food through a series of delicious challenges and cook-offs. Similar to MASTERCHEF, Ramsay will be joined by restaurateur and winemaker Joe Bastianich (Del Posto, Eataly) and acclaimed chef Graham Elliot (Graham Elliot, Graham Elliot Bistro) on the JUNIOR MASTERCHEF (wt) judging panel. Together, the celebrated food experts will coach and encourage the promising hopefuls to cook like a pro and teach them the tricks of the trade along the way. After a nationwide search, 24 of the best junior home cooks in the country will create their best seafood, pasta or dessert dish and present it to the judges in the audition round. Those who impress the judges will continue in the competition, during which they will face exciting challenges – including taking over a celebrated fine dining restaurant – until one talented kid is named America’s first-ever JUNIOR MASTERCHEF (wt). JUNIOR MASTERCHEF (wt) is produced by Shine America and One Potato Two Potato, and is based on the format created by Franc Roddam and Shine. Shine International handles distribution for the MASTERCHEF format. Elisabeth Murdoch, Eden Gaha, Paul Franklin, Robin Ashbrook, Gordon Ramsay, Adeline Ramage Rooney, Patricia Llewellyn and Ben Adler serve as executive producers.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Shine America, One Potato Two Potato

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Elisabeth Murdoch, Eden Gaha, Paul Franklin, Robin Ashbrook, Gordon Ramsay, Adeline Ramage Rooney, Patricia Llewellyn, Ben Adler

JUDGES: Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, Graham Elliot

Twitter:  @JrMasterChefFOX



2 responses

5 10 2013

After watching the show last night, I noticed that you did not show ROEN’s meal, the boy that made sushi the first episode. Now since you show all of the adults meals on the regular show I couldn’t imagine why in the world that you would not show all of the kids meals. You have an audience who follows a contestant from the start. I just think how irresponsible and unfair it was to leave anyone out. A child has worked an hour on a meal for this show and you don’t have the “Respect” to show the meal. I am sending out a blast on this today to everyone I informed to watch the show to begin with as I wouldn’t want them to also see how you have treated these kids unfairly. Shame on you Gordon Ramsay and Elisabeth Murdoch!!


5 10 2013

@Guylene: “I” have nothing to do with the show or decisions regarding the editing process. I tried to look on the Fox.com web site to see if there was a link where you could share your thoughts about the show, but there does not appear to be any. They do have a Twitter feed where you could share if you are also on Twitter. It is http://www.twitter.com/MasterChefJrFOX If you don’t use Twitter you would have to sign up and start an account before you could leave them a comment; comments are limited to 140 characters unless you connect an app that allows you to tweet a longer message, such as http://www.twitlonger.com but you have to sign up for a Twitter account first. I hope this helps you.


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