Touch (S2E5) “Perfect Storm” Recap

28 02 2013

The danger to Jake draws closer as does finding Amelia. Jake has a girlfriend! There are lots of Easter eggs in this episode with the color red, the reference to stars. Even Citrus O makes an appearance. Avram’s back! The number tonight is 5991.


Lucy (Maria Bello) wakes Martin (Kiefer Sutherland) up to show him a timeline board she created as part of her hypothesis of where Amelia (Saxon Sharbino) is.


Jake (David Mazouz) narrates: “Sometimes storms do not arrive full-blown. Sometimes they build up for days or even weeks. An arctic storm moving southward can suddenly crash into a tropical hurricane that’s driving north. And when this collision of weather systems occur, it causes the storm to explode, a subtotal of their destructive energy is far greater what any of them would have been had they remained on their own, creating what meteorologists call “perfect conditions” for a deadly storm. A perfect storm.”

Guillermo (Said Taghmaoui) is in New York. A young man (Joe Abraham) [who looks like Josh Groban’s shorter cousin] delivers dry cleaning to Paul at Martin’s old building.


Guillermo has caught up to Jake pretty quickly, but the door person (John Barbolla) tells him there is no forwarding address.


Jake brings a red umbrella with him on his first full day of school. Jake’s phone rings. It’s Avram! (Bodhi Elfman) [I adore his character]. Jake called him 3 times the night previous so he assumed it was Jake. Avram tells Jake a joke and Jake laughs for the first time. Martin and Avram do the cliff-notes catch-up. Guillermo is now tailing Avram. [And I’m terrified he will be the next casualty].


Avram tells Jake a joke

Martin meets with Calvin (Lukas Haas) and obtains Mallory Cane’s red-level pass card. He tells him to avoid the offices where his partner, Tony (Adam Campbell), occupies.

Kase (John Boyd) tries to buy a spring-loaded pinball machine from Hiroshima (Toshi Toda), but gets one that is electronic. Shigeru Fukura (Shawn Huang) won’t let him down.

Guillermo breaks into Avram’s apartment looking for clues to Jake’s whereabouts. [There is a star on the package on the desk.] Guillermo hides in the closet when Avram returns.


The packaging has a star (on the desk).

[Easter egg alert: with 2 bottles of Citrus O].


Blurry, but it’s hard to screen cap a moving bottle of Citrus O

Avram plans to meet with someone at the Beth Ahavah synagogue. Avram notices the chair is not in the place he left it. Guillermo breaks out his knife, but Avram leaves before he has to use it. [That was scary].


There are scarier things than spiders in your closet.

Jake smiles when he sees that Soleil (Isabella Acres) gets rabbit hutch clean-up duties with him [words on a red background]. I think Jake has a crush. His bunny, Fluffy, goes missing but Jake finds him [lots of kids with red in the crowd.]


Soleil tells them not to touch Jake, but Jake seems okay with it now. What a kid will do for love!


Jake is letting others touch him. Wonder if they have to change the name of the show now.

Martin goes to room 1075 at Aster Corps but the computer servers are gone. Martin changes the game plan and goes directly to Tony’s office. [There are red things on a table near the desk.] Martin tells a version of the truth, and says he thinks Calvin is insane and as a reporter he is obligated to tell the truth. Tony asks how much money Martin would want to do this story. Martin writes down a number which Tony says is doable. If he can open the encrypted files, Martin and Tony have a deal.


Red, red everywhere

Lucy heads over to Trevor (Greg Ellis) at BreakWire. After narrowing the results to unsolved murders who were geniuses or savants, they get 18 matches. She asks Trevor to put the picture she has through facial recognition software.


Kase waits for the new machine to arrive [while under red umbrellas. The machine casing is also red.]


Red pops everywhere

Avram leaves Temple. Guillermo tries the direct approach and asks for information on Jake. Avram won’t help him. Guillermo gives him his room number at the hotel, 5991. [Danger Will Robinson!]  When asked by his companions who that was, Avram says he is enemy of the 36. He calls Jake immediately.


Enemy and protector of the 36 Righteous Ones meet

Martin opens the file with the number and tony tells him to download all Calvin’s files to Calvin’s laptop. Martin is left alone for a short time and he also finds files in Adeline Danvers. Her DOB is 4/11/1998. He finds a brain scan image. The files are dated after Aster Corps lost her. Martin makes the connection that Calvin has Amelia. The timeline fits as well. Tony puts a GPS tracking device on the laptop.


Amelia’s brain imaging

Amelia tells Frances (Linda Gehringer) what the numbers mean, “The numbers define the recurrence relation of interconnecting parallel and distributing systems — systems that strive for beauty and completeness, that permeate all structures, forms and proportions, whether cosmic or individual, organic or inorganic, acoustic, or optical. The magnetic resonance in spins of cobalt niobate crystals proves their existence at the atomic scale. But I believe the proportions are evident in the human genome DNA. These systems appear in recognizable biological settings, too, like the branching in trees, phyllotaxis, and the fruit sprouts of pineapple.”

Amelia is hooked up to the machine and Kase injects her with radioactive contrast. [Frances is officially evil. She knows what they are doing to Amelia. She, however, makes sure that this experiment won’t frighten her.] The pachinko machine is completely random (that is, no skill required). They are using it to gauge Amelia’s ability to predict the future. The setup will convert Amelia’s responses into binary code. Amelia is teaching a supercomputer [why is War Games now popping into my mind?).


Amelia teaches a supercomputer.

The laundry guy’s brother got Avram access to Guillermo’s room. He says that they are aware of his mission and are happy to do it. Guillermo leaves the hotel and walks past the red doorman at The Middleton Hotel.

Avram gasps when he sees Jake in Guillermo’s portfolio. Guillermo returns. [When he locks the hotel room door, I fear Avram is about to be killed.] Guillermo is from the Jesuit order [great, another priest scandal, LOL] He says he is on a mission of mercy, to rid the world of the 36 so the natural order of God can be restored. Guillermo puts a knife up to Avram’s throat, but he says that if he deviates from killing the 36, which he is. It, then he is just a Godless murderer. Avram leaves.


Mission from God or Godless murderer?

Martin shows Lucy Calvin’s computer (and Amelia’s brain imaging).  Lucy wants to go to the police, but Martin reminds her they cannot do that. Lucy storms off to the police department anyway. The police think she is a delusional, grieving mother.


Trevor & Lucy — but notice the red star on the left.


Lucy at police station; notice red sticky note in the background.

Kase shows Calvin Jake’s file. His scores are higher than Amelia. Imagine if we had two of them? The progress would leap forward. Calvin recognizes Martin. When they meet later, Calvin threatens Martin.

Martin picks Jake up and Soleil tells Martin they’ve been “dating” for 4 hours now. Avram is calling to warn them about Guillermo. He thanks Jake for the warning. When Jake and Martin arrive home, they use the red umbrella because it finally rains.


Young, in love, and now dating for 4 hours. She likes the strong silent type.

The lies begin between Martin and Lucy. He does not tell her about Jake; she does not tell him that she went to the police. He does share about Avram said. Martin tells Lucy that Calvin did not show.


Let the lies begin!

“And when these perfect storms hit you have to recognize them for what they are, acknowledge their awesome power, and hold on tight.”



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