So You Think You Can Dance — Altanta/San Francisco auditions

1 06 2011

I have watched SYTYCD since season 2 (much like American Idol). There have been amazing dances that have left me sobbing, made my heart race, given me goosebumps, and made me get up and dance. I cannot get enough of this show.

Since Adam Shankman is off doing a movie, they are going back to two fixed judges (Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe) with one rotating judge. Mary Murphy was greatly missed last year, but I also adore Mia Michaels.

The Atlanta auditions brought out Lil’C, Mary Murphy and Nigel. I’ve never seen faster moves in Colombia salsa dancing than Bianka Hinklerian. Dean and Damon hip-hop dance was a lot of fun. Marko Germar’s story of being shot in the arm after he was robbed at gunpoint was inspiring. But the standout for me on day 1 of the Atlanta auditions was Melanie Moore, a contemporary dancer majoring in art at Fordham University. She hails from Marietta, Georgia, where my sister formerly resided. She brought me in and I found myself breathing when she did. She had some awesome beautiful lines and extensions. Along with her bubbly personality, she is adorable with that retro 50’s look with her pin curls. This show is not all about dancing; the contestants need to make connections with the audience.

A day two favorite of mine was Kimalee Piedad. She had a lot of acrobatic moves. Kyre Bustiste’s grandmother was a lot of fun as she was called up to help in the judges’ panel of her own grandson.

On to San Francisco with judges Tyce Diorio, Toni Redpath and Nigel Lythgoe and where the contestants brought their hearts to the stage. Amber Williams, a slightly insane contemporary dancer, is someone to watch with interest. Timothy Joseph performed great hip-hop but dropped out of the competition during choreography. Danielle Ihle’s story of going from a middle-income family to being homeless was, at the same time, sad but inspiring. This young lady has had to overcome a lot of obstacles. She was sent on to choreography where she then earned her ticket to Vegas. Ashley Rich is another contemporary dancer to watch. Jeffery McCann did such an excellent hip-hop routine; it earned him a ticket straight to Vegas. Back again after being in the top 24 last season was Ryan Ramirez. She said she debated coming back to audition, but I’m glad she did.

We were introduced to a new style of dance for the show called “turfing.” It involves 1) swagger; 2) feet work; 3) pantomime; and 4) storytelling. Levi Allen glided across the floor, but failed to impress in choreography.

Who are your favorites so far?



3 responses

3 06 2011
Rif (The Netherlands)

But Dean and Damon stole the choreography from Les Twins (France) . So the price for thieves goes to Dean and Damon 🙂


3 06 2011

Interesting. I did not know this. I’ll have to watch the YouTube video.


3 06 2011

This reminds me of the Coldplay controversy over Viva la Vida. Thanks so much for that link. I am not sure, though, if the choreography for the try-outs had to be original. I can find out though.


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