Breaking-In on Fox — A Preview

5 04 2011

Because I am part of the Official FOX VIP program, one of the many wonderful perks is getting to see previews of shows (shows already on-air and new shows). Minor spoilers are possibly ahead.

On Wednesday, April 6, 2011 from (9:30-10:00 ET/PT) on Fox, BREAKING-IN starring Christian Slater as Oz, the mysterious owner of Contra Security, a high-tech security firm that people hire to break into their places first and find out where all the dents in that security is. Cameron (Bret Harrison of “V”, “Reaper“) is a young college student who is caught hacking. Oz tells him to join the company or go to jail.

Contra Security does not even necessarily use the highest tech of equipment to do the job–but a lot of creative thinking. Cameron’s first job does not go as planned thanks to Josh (Trevor Moore, “The Whitest Kids U’Know” and “Uncle Morty’s Dub Shack”), who is jealous of the new member of the team. Melanie (Odette Yustman, Brothers & Sisters, Cloverfield) rounds out the team as the safe cracker.

The show takes off from there. I was expecting this show to be a drama and was completely wrong. There is some quick cutting and editing. A heavy dose of comedy is thrown in. Geeks will love the Dragon-Con/Star Wars references. How Cash (Alphonso McAuley, “Love That Girl!” and “Chocolate News”) came to be on the team will delight every fan of science fiction out there. The Colbertnation will love the references to Sky Mall. And I have discovered one more way to possibly raise funds to keep my son, Patrick, in his autism school — selling “nerd pee.”

With Christian Slater at the helm, he has enough moxy and enough charm to make his character believable and to pull this team together. Bret Harrison and Alphonso McAuley have great comedic timing. Trevor Moore reminded me of “Psycho” in the movie “Stripes.” Odette Yustman plays her wild-child character quite well. This is going to be a fun show.

“And BOOM goes the dynamite.”

Breaking In on Fox

The cast of "Breaking In" on Fox


Getting Tina Stull A Sponsor

11 02 2011

The first question you probably have is, WHO is Tina Stull? 


Tina Stull and Team Troops

Tina Stull and Team Troops


I was introduced to this remarkable woman by a Fox 26 Houston chatter/blogger friend, Robert.  I do not remember if he suggested I follow her on Twitter, or if he suggested she follow me.  When I went to her website to find out more about her, her inspirational story touched me.  You can click her picture above to go to her site.  She had been diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma and was given 3 years to live.  Racing was one of the items on her bucket list.  Before receiving any treatment, when she went back to the doctors, they told her the cancer was not there any longer.  Having received a second chance at having a long life, she continued to pursue racing “as a National Hot Rod Association Super Comp Dragster driver” and has become a motivational speaker by “helping people everywhere overcome their obstacles and reach for their dreams.”  She is not just a speaker.  Tina is in there with her sleeves rolled up, whether it is helping someone she personally knows, or helping our troops. 

I will be the first to tell you I know nothing about the racing world.  This woman inspires me and makes me want to learn more about it.

While following her Twitter feed, I noticed that she is looking for sponsors.  While I have no connections to be able to help her in that department, I decided to do what I do best:  Start a fan campaign. 

This is quite a different thing than my usual fan campaign, which is generally to save a favorite show (or be a participant in someone else’s efforts).   However, I have come up with some ideas:

1.   Watch Tina’s Blue Tool Crew videos on YouTube at   (that will lead you to the first one).  Subscribe to them.  Go watch all the others.  Leave comments.  Right now there are only 6 comments on some.  Tina Stull fans can do BETTER than that.  Visit daily.

2.  Follow @bluetoolcrew on Twitter, and let them know how much you love Tina Stull and her spots.  Visit daily.

3.  On Facebook, look for Blue Tool Crew and like their page.  Spread your words of love for Tina on their site.  Visit daily.

4.  Follow @jumbies account to help Tina show that she has a great fan support base.  Leave a comment daily.

5.  Go to Tina’s web site often to see about other ways you can support her and our troops. 

I want to thank Tina for the kindness she has shown me and my family.  I have a child with autism and have begun running their Twitter account.  All I had to do was ask her to ask her fans to follow it Twitter account and poof, we had a ton of followers.  The Twitter feed is to share information about autism and the treatment method of applied behavior analysis, but to share testimony of the children’s lives that were transformed once coming there.  For me, if I can return the kindness and try to whip up an old-fashioned fan campaign for her, let the fun begin.