American Idol S15 Little Rock Auditions

12 01 2016

Kris Allen is in the crowd helping to get some people through to the next round.

Hoping to take the spot of the final American Idol is young 15-year-old Cameron Richard (pronounced Re-shard) from Louisiana who is singing “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran. I wonder what his voice is going to sound like when it breaks in puberty. He has a lot of talented for his young 15 years of age. Jennifer loved his voice and his passion when he sings. Harry said it is great to hear someone from Louisiana sing and that he looks like a young Paul McCartney. Harry thought he had a wonderful gift, he enjoyed it very much, and he gives him a yes. Jennifer is a yes. Keith just says “yes.”

Twenty-four-year-old student Daniel Farmer is in love with J-Lo. He sings D’Angelo “How Does It Feel?” for his audition. I was expecting this to be a disaster but he has a beautiful voice coupled with a magnetic personality. He would be a lot of fun in the top 12. Jennifer loves his voice; he is funny and sexy and all the confidence in that. It’s an attractive quality. Harry respects the effort of the runs but if he is going to do it, nail them all. Keith further explained that it’s not let the chill factor get in the way of what he is trying to do, but agreed he had a beautiful voice. He is through to Hollywood.

A vocal coach from The School of Rock in Dallas Texas walked into the audition and my heart went a-flutter. This young man has beautiful eyes and a commanding presence. Hopefully the talent is there as well. Dalton Rapattoni, age 19, has superstar in his future. His interpretation of the song from Phantom of the Opera was riveting. Harry really dug the music. Jennifer said he is making something beautiful, unique and special. She liked it and liked his voice. Keith is looking for someone who can make their own artistic contribution to the competition and that is exactly what he did.   He is through to Hollywood. Afterwards, Keith says, “top 12.” Harry tells the other judges that his was one of the favorite auditions they have ever done just because he took something and sang it like he wanted to sing it. Keith said there is no one in that lane yet. Harry thought that guy was pretty (talking about his eyes).

La’Porsha Renae, age 22, from Mississippi, brought herself and her adorable little baby girl in for her audition to sing “Creep” by Radiohead. She has fantastic vocal control. I love how she changed the song to something I have never heard before. I could listen to her all day. Major goosebumps.   Keith said he loves hearing a fresh take on a song because for him it gives a whole different perspective on the lyric. He loved it. Harry loved it too. He thought she was an assassin with the runs. Jennifer said we loved it a lot, and she gives the ticket to her baby daughter, who Jennifer was holding, to give to La’Porsha.

The two country boys had no problem with Maddie McAllister’s state fair prized chicken, but Bronx girl Jennifer wanted to be on the other side of the room (I’m with you J-Lo). She is singing “Cowboy Casanova” by Carrie Underwood. She has a nice voice but she doesn’t have much stage presence. Harry thought she is adorable. She sounds so young. He thinks it is the type of voice and type of presentation that is going to take a couple of years to come into its own. Jennifer said she is adorable but she is not ready. Keith feels the same way.

Trent Harmon is ready to leave the farm in Mississippi because he realizes that singing to cows is not doing anything to advance his career.   He chose “Unaware” by Allen Stone to show off his talents. He is phenomenal. That’s crazy good. And I hate country music. Jennifer was so blown away. He has a lot of soul and dynamics. Harry said bar none his favorite audition since they started.   He is absolutely going to Hollywood.

Tristan McIntosh is a 15-year-old student missing her mom while she is serving our country over in the Middle East. She chose “Why Baby Why” by Mickey Guyton for her audition. Tristan looks like a star. I love her. She does not sound like a 15-year-old. Goosebumps. Oh my God—she is so talented. Jennifer got the goosebumps. Harry said he likes her a lot. She has a lot going on. Jennifer is bursting because she sees in her something very, very special. She reminds her of Alicia Keys in that her heart is beautiful and special. Keith also thinks that she has so many things that are all coming together. Harry read her an email that her mother wrote for her that morning. Keith was crying. Jennifer was crying. And of course, in pops her mom. Apparently her family in the holding room didn’t know she was coming either. Mom announces to her she is going to Hollywood. And I am crying like a baby.

Next up: San Francisco



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