August 10, 2015: Ask Anthony Lemke whatever!

11 08 2015

Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog


If you have questions for the handsome, wistful-looking fellow pictured above, then post them in this blog’s comment section by Wednesday night because that’s when I’ll be forwarding your queries to Dark Matter’s resident rogue, Anthony Lemke.  I know he’d love to hear from you (especially YOU), so don’t be shy.  Ask away!

To those of you asking – Yes, we’re currently working on scripts for season 2, but – No, we have yet to receive a second season pick-up.  The show has been going gangbusters internationally and in Canada –

And the show has been steady in the U.S. –

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.05.08 PM

I am cautiously optimistic.  But I promise – you’ll know as soon as I know!

While we’re waiting, let’s check out the feedback on Episode 109:

“As always we took all of our questions from this week’s episode to series’ co-creator Joseph Mallozzi in our weekly…

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11 08 2015

Hi Joe

Questions for Anthony – Hi I’m webgurl 😊

1. Joe says you were a lawyer. What kind of law did you practice? Does it help with acting?

2. What’s your favourite emoji?

3. When you were crying reading charlotte’s web, how did you get to that point emotionally. can you cry on cue?

4. What’s your best advice to someone at a crossroads in their career?

5. Does THREE still have more secrets to reveal?

6. Did the initial fan reaction to THREE surprise you or were you more excited knowing the emotional scenes in upcoming episodes that might change people’s minds?

7. Have you ever visited Australia? We have sharks and fan conventions.

8. What’s your favourite prop on Dark Matter?

I hope to see you in Dark Matter for many seasons to come… Love THREE. 😊

Cheers, webgurl


11 08 2015

PS Anthony What’s your nickname? Webgurl


12 08 2015

You might want to post these questions on Joe’s blog. He won’t answer them here.


12 08 2015

Haha sorry I was going through WordPress app and thought I was replying on Joe’s blog… Will do 😊


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