May 28, 2015: 15 days to the Dark Matter premiere! Tell your friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances! Maybe a few strangers as well!

28 05 2015

15 days! Just 15 days!!!

Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog

Last night, I watched Andy Mikita’s director’s cut of episode #113, the big season finale.  All I can say is: Whoa!  I envy all of you who’ll be coming into the show fresh when it premieres on June 12th.  Believe me, you’re in for such a treat. We’re not just going to surpass expectations, we’re going to blow them away by delivering a scifi series you’re going to LOVE: character-driven, ship-based science fiction full of action, adventure, shocks, surprises, dazzling visual effects, and, above all else, a sense of fun.

I want to get the word out early and often.  I don’t want to wait until AFTER we air to start bringing fans on board or rewarding them for their viewership.  I want to get things started early by making you all part of the Dark Matter family BEFORE we air.  All of these sneak peeks, photos, interviews, trailers, and…

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