March 7, 2015: Dark Matter EPK Day!

8 03 2015

This is getting very exciting!

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From now on, whenever someone requests a photo of me to accompany an interview or some newspaper article (“Local Producer Unwittingly Consumes Ornamental Headdress”) THIS is the one they’re getting.  Akemi snapped it during today’s EPK (Electronic Press Kit) Day.  Director T.J. Scott, his photographer, and the gang from SyFy were on hand to photograph and interview the actors, the sets, and Jay Firestone and me in the ramp up to the Dark Matter summer season premiere!

Overseeing the action on the day was Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza who drew assists from VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson (drafted for monitor duty on the gallery shoot) and Consulting Producer Ivon Bartok (who helped with both the Q and A portions of the Q&A sessions).

Joining me on this rare Saturday foray into work was Akemi who – finally! – got to see the sets in person.  And she loved them, snapping innumerable…

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