American Idol Season 14 Final Judgment Part 1

19 02 2015

1385015_10154925704030601_1985407597453397698_nTwelve ladies and 12 guys will advance to the next round where America will get to vote. Their next task is to sing in front of a live audience at the House of Blues.

Michael Simeon sings a slow version of “Classic” by MTKO. He changes up the tempo (which was a smart move) and then he adds some rapping which was pretty decent. It seems that after we see their HOB performance they are cutting to the part where they learn their fate. I like that. Jennifer said it was a good performance but they saw 48 good performances. He makes it into the top 24.

The next person to learn of their fate was Loren Lott. At the House of Blues she sang “My Heart Will Go On” by Céline Dion. I think she has reverted back to singing just slightly off key and not picking the right song for her voice. Skyfall was incredible, but this was not. She says she thought it was a good performance but Harry says it wasn’t one of her best performances. The connection wasn’t there. But she still made it into the top 24 and I am speechless. I know things sound differently when you are sitting there versus us hearing it on the TV as I learned this when I attended the American Idol finale many years ago so maybe that is what is happening.

Adam Ezegelian is definitely a rocker singing “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake. It was decent but he is no Caleb Johnson. He makes it to the top 24.

Cody Fry hoped his gamble to switch things up from ballads to an up-tempo with “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay would pay off. It didn’t sound that great. Jennifer breaks the bad news that this time it was no.

Ryan calls up Lovey James to hear her fate. She worked the stage but there was something about her voice on this song “Wings” by Little Mix that irritated me. Harry said that was the first time she had come alive, but consistency is paramount in the competition. She makes it through.

The next group was given the bad news that they did not make it to the top 24: Cosmetologist Hector Montenegro, J. None (and by default Mr. Crispy), Reno Anoa’l, Zach Kaltenbach, Hannah Mrozak.

This is the best I have heard Adanna Duru sing. She poured her heart into ‘It’s A Man’s World” by James Brown. That was goosebump-worthy. Jennifer Lopez stood up for that. She is through.

Maddie Walker sings Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” She sounded off pitch, just under the note. She did not make it through. But once she leaves they are wondering if they made a mistake. Rachel Hallack did not have a stellar group round but I think she sounded better than Maddie at The House of Blues. She sang “Gunpowder and Lead” by Miranda Lambert.  Jennifer says they are undecided between her and Maddie and they had a sing-off. Maddie chooses “Red High Heels” by Kellie Pickler. Rachel sings “Son of a Preacher Man” by Dusty Springfield. In a cruel twist, they take Maddie over Rachel. That wasn’t right.

Clark Beckham is called next. His House of Blues performance gave me major goosebumps. He sang “Georgia on My Mind” by Ray Charles. It was phenomenal!!!!!! Keith and Jennifer gave him a standing ovation. He, of course, makes it.

Daniel Seavey is really adorable. He sings Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” to his crush Jennifer Lopez. He makes it into the top 24.

Tyanna Jones sang “Love on Top” by Beyonce. I think she got control of her nerves. Her pitch was great. She is in the top 24.

Rayvon Owen and Shannon Berthiaume await the judges’ decisions. Rayvon’s performance gave me goosebumps with Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” and Shannon fell short for me on her Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart.” The House of Blues was Shannon’s first-ever public performance. They are both through.

Jax goes in to receive her judgment. She sang “You and I” by Lady Gaga. Jennifer didn’t think it was her best performance. She is also in the top 24.

Hollywood Anderson has had a mixed run. What will be his fate? We find out tomorrow.



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