American Idol Season 13 Omaha Auditions

11 02 2014

Last stop Omaha! My home for 4 years of my life as a child. A city full of wonderful people. The talent was unfortunately rather disappointing with only 21 tickets to Hollywood given out.

One of those people moving through was Quaid Edwards, age 21. His mother is Jolie of Jolie and The Wanted played at concerts with Keith Urban. I thought he had a nice tone but an odd enunciation, but I would probably put him through to see more. His runs are rough. JLo points that out, too, about his runs, but likes him. Keith said his runs were rough but he could work on them. Harry said the girls were going to scream. Keith pointed out that he liked that Quaid was genuinely listening to Harry’s advice. For Jennifer and Keith it is a yes. Harry likes his shade of green and says “yes” as well.

Simon Hauck, age 17, a student from Greenwood, Nebraska had trouble answering Ryan’s question about what he is studying. Do they even have majors in high school? I was a “no” on this; it was not good enough for the level of talent on Idol. The judges also say no.

The next contestant announces that today is her birthday and they have to sing “Happy Birthday” to her; Harry shuts that down as he sneezes, “no we don’t.”

I felt Madisen Walker, age 15, a student from Ankeny, Iowa was an average singer. The song dragged a bit and she was flat on a note or two. Keith felt it was a nice karaoke rendition of Carrie Underwood’s song but nothing that made it stand out. Jennifer is willing to take a chance. They both say “yes.” Jennifer tells her to listen to what they have said. Keith shouts on her way out for her to go out and get some of that life experience. Harry afterwards says he would have said no.

Alyssa Siebken, age 20, a retail assistant manager in Fremont, Nebraska. I like her personality but her vocal is average. Jennifer and Keith say yes. Harry says no; he does not think her voice is strong enough. But Ryan is now obligated to do a celebratory selfie with Alyssa.

Tyler Gurwicz, a 25-year-old musician/songwriter from Burlington, VT sings (ugh) an Adele song. I think he would have done better on a different song. Harry said it was hard to see him in this competition. Keith said he had a big voice with great range but he looks angry when he sings and it is hard to watch. Jennifer said that actually drew her in. Harry then agreed with Keith. Jennifer said yes. Keith said no. Harry asks him to pick a song to show another side of his voice. I am seeing the issue with the facial movements now. That would drive me crazy and turn me off to voting for him. I know that seems petty. Harry said yes but after Tyler leaves he admits it might be his first slip in judgment where he questioned his decision later.

Producing the first decent vocal of the night was Tyler Marshall, a 23-year-old club promoter from Omaha. Harry likes his happy face. Keith said his voice was killer.

CJ Jones has a voice that does not match him. I really enjoyed it. He sang “Stand By Me” and jokingly commanded Harry to come stand by him. Harry jumped up and did it. Harry said he did a nice job. Keith said he had a pleasing voice to hear. Jennifer was excited to see how far he could go in the competition.

The next was a group of two singers. Dajonder Lenear, age 16, a student from Minneapolis, has this huge crush on JLo. He is quite adorable and I would say “yes.” Dylan Becker, a 17-year-old shoe caddy from St. Louis, had a nice voice as well. Both are through to Hollywood.

Paula Hunt is a 20-year-old Air Force Band specialist from Bellevue, Nebraska. She has a nice voice but her cadence was strange. Keith loved the way she sings. Harry said she has eloquence about her. She gets three yeses. She told the judges that she now carries on the singing for her mother who could no longer sing because of multiple sclerosis. Seeing her mom broke my heart. MS is so cruel.

Andrina Brogden, age 18, is a shoe store employee from Fargo, North Dakota. She tries to sing a song by Beyonce, “Halo.” She has a nice voice but I did not believe she was singing for her life (in essence). Jennifer thinks she has a beautiful voice but she sees fear holding her back. She wonders if she can be fearless. Harry said that she was a better-than-average singer but it was not strong enough for Idol. Keith disagrees with Harry. He thinks she needs to be exposed to better opportunities. She is through but Keith and Jennifer tell her to conquer that fear before Hollywood week.

Hailing from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Christian School does great as a square-dancer caller. His audition, however, was totally off tune. It was a no from the judges as well.

I liked Casey McQuillen‘s voice for the most part except this weird thing she does at the end of her phrasing. Keith said it was excellent and he loved the restraint. Jennifer thought it was angelic. Harry said she was smart. She is through to Hollywood.

The last audition shown for this evening was Tessa Kate, a 25-year-old performer in Branson, Missouri. She reminded me of a young Dolly Parton. Harry said it was classic 70’s, a timeless song, and mentioned Barbara Mandrell. Keith said half of him thought she would get crushed by the other singers, but the other part thinks she has her own lane. Keith and Harry say yes.

And that concludes the 2014 American Idol season contestants. A total of 212 will be going to Hollywood.



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