First Look: Masterchef Junior

25 09 2013

Joe does not spare the stare! They may be small, but they are an ambitious bunch of kids. This is a shortened version of the Masterchef adults. They start out right in the Masterchef kitchen. Broken down into groups of 8, they are asked with a certain theme such as seafood, pasta or desserts. The 24 are whittled down to the top 12 by the end of the first episode.  MasterchefJuniorLogo

Their technique is impressive. With ages ranging from 8 to 13, they are making things such as a cactus salad, a pomegranate salsa, an aioli (and I still don’t know what that is!) to mention a few. They are cooking with octopus.

Their demeanor is adorable. “How am I supposed to reach these?” One young cook imitates Joe’s death stare and wants his job. Another cook wants to make a molten lava cake because, “I think it will impress you if I get it right!”

One point that continues to annoy me: It is French macaron (pronounced mack-ah-rohn), not French macaroon (and they even spelled it as macaroon, pronounced as mack-ah-roon). How do you tell the difference?


The downside of this episode are a few kids crying a bit (happy tears, stress tears, tears of leaving–whatever kind of tears they were). I think whether this show will work or not is how the kids handle the stress. Even some of the adults on Masterchef will cry, scream, and have temper tantrums, and admirably these kids are so much more well behaved than that, but something about a child crying makes us question whether we have gone too far in what is acceptable for us on television. Seeing Rachel Crow and Beatrice Miller break down on The X-Factor made us question if 13-year-olds should even be in a singing competition. The age demographic of this group is even lower. Time will tell whether this can be a successful spin-off. Tune in Friday, September 27, 2013 at 8/7 central and let me know your thoughts.

Thank you to FOX VIP and Fox Broadcasting for the privilege of the preview.




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