June 27, 2013: MasterChef screws up macarons! Let’s all chip in and get the Golden Boy something nice!

30 06 2013

Tsk, Tsk Masterchefs.

Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog

Dear Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Gordon Elliot,


1– is a macaroon, while THIS –

1  – is a macaron.



1They are two strikingly different desserts in terms of taste, texture, and appearance.  I can cut a fledgling home cook some slack for getting the two confused, but you guys should really know better.

Alright.  Now that that’s out of the way, I need your help.  Next weekend, I’ll be heading down to L.A. to help celebrate Golden Boy Martin Gero’s birthday by eating all of his food, getting really drunk, and cooking his throw pillows in his back yard pizza oven.  In addition, I’ d like to get him a gift.  I know, I know.  My presence should more than suffice and, while true, I thought it would be nice to get him something anyway.  But what?  Presumably, if he really wanted something…

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