Reminiscing Sci-Fi on the Rock 7

9 05 2013

I wanted to share the post of my friend, Karen Ford, and her successful convention, bringing out some fan favorites from our sci-fi world.

K.D. Ford

I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since Sci-Fi on the Rock 7 and a part of me is wishing to relive it all over again.  Thinking back there was one picture I was hoping to get done, but never did.  I thought about it, but I was so shy to ask that I put it way in the back of my mind again.  What was that you may ask??  I thought of having a picture being up in the arms of Mike Dopud.  And for the longest time I thought to myself, ‘just ask’, but I chickened out, LOL

I’m a big fan of Stargate, so you can imagine having 2 actors from the show visit our city and be our guests for the weekend, I was on cloud 9.  Especially to finally meet Mr. Dopud, it was the best experience.

You know how people say that their…

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3 responses

10 05 2013

Thank you for Reblogging Hilda. And yes, it was meant in a friendly way,, not the other one, LOL. However, I did have my fangirl moments when I was alone, 😉


10 05 2013

Karen: I was talking about myself because my mind went to a completely entirely different place and made me giggle but I would be very professional about it upfront and fan-girl about it in private. LOL.


10 05 2013

LOL, well, it was hard to write everything i wanted to as it would have definitely made you laugh with some things i left out, lol


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