American Idol Season 12 Auditions Oklahoma City

2 02 2013

The American Idol city auditions came to an anticlimactic end that seemed to produce the least talented group among all the cities. Forty-five contestants were sent to Hollywood.

Wanting to prove that gingers have soul, Karl Skinner sang “I Feel Good” by James Brown for the judges. He is a young man with a LOT of energy. I preferred his original song that he played on the guitar. He “wants to be uncomparable.” I think he has already achieved that.


Karl Skinner

Contestant 80132 proved gingers did not have soul. Contestant 80685 did a poor job at singing Super Bass. And the guy who sang the Jessie J song was fun but never in tune.

Another contestant with great energy is Nate Tao. He is an American Sign Language instructor. Both of his parents are deaf. He sang “For Once In My Life” by Stevie Wonder. He has a good voice. I wished he would have signed the song as he sang it because that would have added to it (for me). We use some basic signs with Patrick (my son with autism) to communicate. Sign language is not only for people who are deaf and hearing-impaired. I hope he does well in Hollywood.


Nate Tao

Then Oklahoma brought out the weird. Halie Hilburn is a great ventriloquist. She brought her puppet Oscar with her to do a duet. I was immediately drawn to the fact that Oscar has no eyes. If you’ve been watching “The Following” on Fox you’ll immediately get the reference (and if you aren’t watching, you should). She said she just got married. I really hope Oscar does not sleep in the bed with them because that would be downright awkward. They asked her to sing without Oscar and she sounded much better, even if Oscar could yodel. Keith felt like Oscar was holding her back. (I love Keith’s humor). It was a “no” from Randy but everyone else said yes. Then they showed Oscar on the street asking for money and ultimately in the trash. Poor Oscar. One day you are doing duets and the next day your partner dumps you.


Halie Hilburn


Save Oscar

I wondered what acid the next contestant was dropping when she came to the audition. Zoanette Johnson had the nerve to disgrace our national anthem like that, not even remember the lyrics, and yet, the judges put her through. All of them. I think the woman needs Ritalin.


Zoanette Johnson

Oklahoma City is full of weird. Anastacia Freeman said that God told her to audition for Idol (not the X-Factor, not The Voice, but Idol). She attempted to sing “Unbreak My Heart” by Toni Braxton. Sometimes the devil disguises himself as God to fool you into doing things you should not. (2 Corinthians 11:14). This is truth because we had to endure the horror unfolding on our televisions. The whole song was out of key, several keys, was flat. This is someone who should not even sing privately. She stopped in the middle of singing because the judges were laughing. “Are y’all laughing at me?” They all say “no.” Of COURSE they are! But she continues, “…without you I can’t go on.” Yes please don’t go on. Make it stop. Her singing I consider contributes to the noise pollution in our world. Somewhere out in space that will reach the ears of some alien life form and they will come to conquer us just because we sent that crap to them.


Anastacia Freeman

The last contestant was a young man, age 16, named Caden Kayden Stephenson. He brought the light of God back into that room. This is a child whose soul is much older than his tender years. Even though the life expectancy for people with cystic fibrosis has increased over the last half-century, Caden Kayden has made peace that his life may end by his mid-30’s. In 1955, children with cystic fibrosis were not expected to live past grade school. Caden Kayden is living each day to its fullest. He sang “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder. It was not gushingly great, but the aura and that wonderful personality carried him far. The judges were going to make this happen for him.


Kayden Stephenson

The last performer walked in. I happened to be on a phone call with someone in my family so I had the sound down. I keep looking at this woman thinking, “This looks like Steven Tyler in drag.” And it was. I guess this is sort of a judge hazing ritual. Although Hollywood was not in his future, Boston was (July 17-19, 2012). Indeed “Dude Looks Like a Lady.”


Steven Tyler

Next week: Hollywood where eventually a top 40 will be picked and then to Vegas where the top 10 will be decided.



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