American Idol Season 12 Baton Rouge Auditions

30 01 2013

The next stop on American Idol‘s talent tour was Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana. It brought out an eclectic group of individuals. And the alpha-dog battle between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey has calmed.  Thank God!

An injured Megan Miller hobbled her way in and into the hearts of the judges. She was on her way to surgery but wanted to audition before she did. Instead of trying to vie for attention, she used her temporary disability in a humorous fashion which delighted the judges. She is Miss Greater Baton Rouge. She delivered an Etta James song like a professional. Why do people think these 1980-like headbands are cool? They really are not. It’s so Olivia Newton John.


Megan Miller

Charlie Askew was a great surprise. He reminds me of Clay Aiken, someone who likely will undergo a big transformation style-wise if he makes it to the top 10. His voice sounds a lot like Chris Colfer (Glee). He sang “Breakthrough” by Queen, and then “Nature Boy” by Nat King Boy. I thought “Nature Boy” was better. Charlie has a very interesting, big voice for such a petite-sized young man. He is quite unique. Keith mentioned something about a vagenda. The only time I’ve heard the word “vagenda” used was in the TV show “Fringe.” Unless it is a different spelling and Australian slang, it means: “Using your feminine wiles to accomplish evil ends.”


Charlie Askew

Nominations have been done with mixed results now. Sylvia Assel nominated her granddaughter, Maddie Assel. I found Sylvia much more interesting. Exactly how much magic dust has she inhaled? Sylvia tells Ryan, “I want to kidnap you and take you home with me.” Maddie sang, “Oh! Darling” by The Beatles. Her vibrato is borderline annoying, but if she tames that just a little bit, she’ll do well. She, too, is unique.


Maddie Assel

Of course, there is a string of auditions that do not go well at all. The young lady with the purple glasses needs some anger management classes.

I like Paul Jolley‘s spirit. He did well with Rascal Flatts’ “Don’t Let Go.”


Paul Jolley

Chris Barthel was nicknamed “Mushroom.” He has now ruined “If I Had You” by Adam Lambert. He was quite entertaining with his dance moves. Keith Urban was laughing so hard he was crying. “I like the keys that song was in.” Perhaps Chris’ calling lies in comedy. When Nicki was running her fingers through his hair, he says, “Nicki you are awesome!” Mariah’s face was priceless. After receiving 4 “no” responses, he says to Ryan, “I met four awesome people including you.” Who was Chris leaving out?


Chris “Mushroom” Barthel

You know you are getting old(er) when the doctors could be as young as your own children. Dr. Calvin Peters, a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, came in confident. He pulled off a difficult Maxwell song. It was as smooth as silk.


Dr. Calvin Peters

Out of the next contestants, Michelle Montezer (what is UP with those headbands!), Breanna Steer, and Brandy Hotard, I liked Breanna’s voice the best. They are all through to Hollywood.


Michelle Montezer


Breanna Steer


Brandy Hotard

Alissa Griffin was just horrid.

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard Nicki Minaj ask the contestant if they have a boyfriend. This is not “The Dating Game.” Firefighter Dustin Watts did a wonderful job with Garth Brooks’ “She’s Every Woman.” I like the tone in his voice.


Dustin Watts

The last contestant usually has a backstory that is shared to move the audience. Burnell Taylor was no different. His home was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, but they moved to Baton Rouge. It was a lesson learned about what is important in life. He slayed “I’m Here” from the movie “The Color Purple.” He had a wonderful voice. I didn’t think he was the best voice in the competition, but he also had a great stage presence. Keith was having a blast with him. Randy, Keith and Mariah gave him a standing ovation. He made Mariah cry. Keith said, “Somewhere there is a spotlight waiting for you to walk into it.”


Burnell Taylor

A total of 35 people made it through to Hollywood. Next: San Antonio



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