Rachael Vs Guy — The Final Four

28 01 2012

On Sunday, January 29, 2012, the 2-hour finale of Rachel Vs Guy Celebrity Cook-Off will be aired on the Food Network Channel. The 10 celebrity contestants, playing for various charities, have been filleted down to the Final 4.

The underdog, Taylor Dayne, should not be underestimated. She has had the “Floor on Fire” and will try to “Carry Your Heart” to the finish line. However, “You Can’t Fight Fate.” She will be “In the Darkness” “Upon the Journey’s End.”

Coolio, a surprisingly inventive think-on-your-feet cook, has had a “Fantastic Voyage” in a “Gangsta’s Paradise.” Even though he is “Bright As the Sun” I think he’ll be seeing “The County Line.”

Joey Fatone has impressed with his skills in the kitchen while he was “Dancing With the Stars” but “This I Promise You”, Joey, you can “Do Your Thing”, and “I’ll Be Thinking of You”, but it will be “Tearin’ Up My Heart” when I say “Bye, Bye, Bye” and you will be “Gone” leaving….

Lou Diamond Phillips, for the win. Having been crowned King of the Jungle, “The Beast” of the kitchen, this “Young Gun”, having shown “Courage Under Fire” is within “Striking Range” of the finish line and will “Stand and Deliver” and “Takedown” the competition for the victory. It’s his “Destiny!”

Actually having seen the Rachael Ray Show the Friday prior to the show commencing, Joey and LDP were guests. This leads me to one of two possible conclusions: Joey and Lou were in the bottom two and Rachael had them on so they had an opportunity for their charities of choice to receive some money, or Joey and Lou were in the final 2.

This show has been a pleasure to watch. Even though they were competing for their charities, they exhibited great team effort without the backstabbing you see on other cooking shows. They were rooting for one another and this was quite obvious when Summer and Taylor had to compete against each other last week. The blind taste-testing was a segment I enjoyed because it allowed the contest to be fair, based on the food only. During the team competitions, Rachael and Guy deferred to guests as to which were their favorites to decide who had to go to the 10-minute cook-offs.

Here is a list again of the charities. If you are a fan, consider making a donation to their choices below and don’t forget to watch the exciting conclusion of this fun show.

Alyssa CampanellaSusan G. Komen for the Cure

Cheech Marin Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Aaron CarterKids Beating Cancer

CoolioMusic Saves Lives

Joey FatoneFatone Family Foundation

Lou Diamond PhillipsNo Kid Hungry

Summer SandersRight To Play

Taylor DayneCambodian Children’s Fund



One response

28 01 2012

I just watched this for the first time a few days ago, and I’m really liking it- wish I hadn’t missed the first few episodes, though.

Like you mentioned, I enjoyed seeing the camaraderie between them all, which is a nice departure from the crazy amounts of backstabbing/cattiness that seem to go on in a lot of the other cooking competitions I’ve watched. Looks like a pretty strong final four, but I’m SO hoping that Lou Diamond Phillips can take this all the way and win it!

Have you seen LDP’s recipe for the turkey sliders yet? Read it on Twitter earlier, and it sounds great- not a difficult recipe at all, but healthy and tasty. Thinking about making some ’em when I’m off work this weekend- the hubby’s usually all about his burgers, so I’m fairly sure I can sell him on the idea of those for dinner!

The list of the charities they’re playing for is awesome, and I’m glad you listed them, since I wasn’t sure which charities they were playing for initially.

Hope you don’t mind me blog-crashing, by the way. 🙂 But I saw your link, found this to be an interesting and entertaining read, and I thought I’d chime in a little, now that I know I can!


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