Reflections of 2011

28 12 2011

As we near the close of 2011, most of us look back and reflect on the year, vowing to make changes in the next year. I have never been big on making resolutions. Oftentimes we make resolutions so impossible to achieve, we set ourselves up for failure as soon as we write them and commit to them on paper (or in our heads). I downsized from resolutions to an β€œit would be nice if…” list and downsized to no list at all. As each individual year progressed, when I saw opportunities for growth and change, I took those paths. Perhaps it is the free spirit in me that did not want to get tied down to a list, wanting to bend and move the way a tree does in the wind.

This year has been a year of extremes in my life. Fortunately most of the events were on the positive end (see The Bowen Backyard 2011 post).

I decided that one goal is sufficient to cover all the others: Wake up every morning cheerful and bright BEFORE the morning shower. If one day it becomes impossible to achieve, resolutions will no longer matter anyway.

Happy New Year!



4 responses

28 12 2011

Haha, that last tag! πŸ˜€ Tags are more useful if you’re blogging about a hot topic, like a TV show. I don’t even use them on my blog anymore, except when I’m Tumblring.

28 12 2011

Oh, and nice resolution! πŸ˜€

28 12 2011

I might try lettingmy first phrase of the day be positive.

28 12 2011

I think the keyword here is BEFORE the shower. It is much easy to be bright and cheerful after a hot shower in the morning. πŸ˜€

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